Who is Patient Savings Alliance?
Patient Savings Alliance is an organization dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people across America by providing access to affordable prescription medications. As a leader in pharmacy discount coverage, Patient Savings Alliance’s mission is to provide relief from the rising costs of prescription medications for every American.

What is the Pharmacy Discount Card?
The Pharmacy Discount Card is a pharmacy discount program. Pre-activated, FREE and ready to use immediately, these cards help you save up to 75% on all of your prescription medication purchases. With discounts on every FDA-approved prescription medication (over 50,000 total), sold everywhere (over 50,000 pharmacies in the U.S.), this card provides families with meaningful savings.

Do I need to register or pay for this service?
No, this is a FREE program. There are absolutely NO FEES to use these cards, they are completely free and you will never be charged for them.

Is my privacy protected?
Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell or rent your personal information to a third party.

Where do these discounts come from?
Patient Savings Alliance represents millions of valued cardholders across America, giving us tremendous buying power. We use that power to negotiate discounted rates on prescription medications and then pass them on to you.

What type of discounts can I expect?
Discounts vary based on the prescription filled and range up to 75% off the retail price. The average discount is almost 50%.

Can I use this discount with my current insurance?
If you have insurance, you should bring both your insurance and Patient Savings Alliance card to your pharmacist and ask which gives you the better discount. Our program is not designed to add discounts to a benefit you are already receiving from your current provider, nor is it designed to reduce your co-pay. Please keep in mind that many insurance programs do not cover medications for which we provide discounts.

Does using this program count toward my insurance deductible?
If you have health insurance: If you have a deductible, the purchases you make using this program may not count toward your deductible. Of course, we suggest you contact your insurance company to get the specifics as not all insurance plans are the same.

If you have an HSA or HRA plan: Using our program will most likely count towards your deductible, however we urge you to contact your HSA or HRA provider to get the specifics as not all plans are the same.

Again, if you have health coverage of any kind, we suggest you contact your plan administrator to get the specifics because not all plans are the same. Patient Savings Alliance’s Pharmacy Discount Card is not insurance; however, we provide a meaningful benefit that helps you save on your prescription medications.